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The Spanish Federation of Bathroom Equipment associations-Feban was created in 2008, its initial aim was the integration of the Spanish bathroom equipment industry formed by different associations. Feban is a private organisation recognized by the Spanish Head office of trade and investment as a collaborator of the Secretary of State for Trade, which main function is to look after the commercial interest of the Spanish Bathroom Equipment industry.


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Corporate digital communication

Distribution of strategic sectorial data to members, sectorial media and press, related sectors and other agents of sectorial interest.

Organization of International promotion activities

Participation of Spanish bathroom companies in the main national and international trade fairs

Promotion of competitiveness and internationalization

Promotion of competitiveness and internationalization

Activities of regulation and product certification

Participating at committees of secretaries of AENOR technical and work groups, as well as other technical committees of product certification

Organization of technical seminars

About different topics of interest, other activities to promote collaboration between companies

Market research and foreign trade reports

Sectorial market research reports and trade statistics of main markets for Spanish exports.